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Futchi - Futchi: The Football-Squash Hybrid That Can Improve Technique (thesoccerstore)

Futchi: The Football-Squash Hybrid That Can Improve Technique Football coaches are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve the technique of their players. Games such as head tennis and foot volleyball have been used for many years by professional clubs, as they give players a great opportunity to have fun and develop their set of skills. One new game […]The post Futchi: The Football-Squash Hybrid That Can Improve Technique appeared first on The Soccer Store Blog.

Conditioningsetting - Setter Concentration Drill (volleyballcoachingdrills)

Setter Concentration Drill This drill involves a setter going back and forth under the net setting for both teams.This volleyball setting drill starts by the coach tossing a team a free ball. The ball is passed up to the setter and the setter runs a play. The hitter places the ball deep by tipping, hitting a high arcing shot or taking the ball overhead with the hands. This gives the setter a little more time to get to the other side of the net to get ready to set.Benefits This drill is good for conditioning and training the setter to concentrate on getting in good setting position.http://www.strength-and-power-for-voll

Basicconditioningpassingwarmup - Pipeline Passing (volleyballcoachingdrills)

Pipeline Passing The purpose of this volleyball drill is to improve volleyball player lateral movement while forearm passing.This volleyball drill needs two players. Place two dotted lines of the court about 10 feet apart. All passing occurs between these lines. After one player passes the ball to her partner, she must shuffle sideways to her right and touch the sideline. Next, she must shuffle back before the pass arrives back from her partner. After 10 passes each, shuffle to the left sideline for 10 more.BenefitsPlayers learn how to get into proper passing position when tired. This volleyball passing drill
ball control  basic passing  warmup

Ball Control - Partner Passing Series (volleyballcoachingdrills)

Partner Passing Series PurposeAll players need one partner and a ball. The purpose of the drill is for players to learn to effectively adjust their passing platform when getting into position to pass. Players should focus on moving their feet to get into good passing position.First ProgressionThe first player tosses the ball to the second player who then passes the ball straight up to herself. The player then adjusts her feet and passing platform so the ball is in line with the center of her body. The player then passes the ball to her partner. This drill can be done in a continuous manner.Second ProgressionThe nex