Published Skills

2 - 2 3 2 Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

2 3 2 Shooting Drill Sometimes it can be boring shooting set shot after set shot and your mind has the tendency to checkout. This equals sloppy shooting form and bad habits. It is important to stay locked in mentally when shooting, and drills like this are great for helping with that. This shooting drill is a simple catch and shoot drill, but it has a competition factor that is going to force the player to stay mentally engaged on every shot. It is also a great drill to work on shooting under pressure because there are a certain number of shots that must be made in a row at each spot.     Drill Name: 2

Follow - Follow the Leader Defensive Slides Drill (basketballhq)

Follow the Leader Defensive Slides Drill Championship teams are also great defensive teams, and a big part of being a good defensive team is knowing that each player can individually move their feet and guard their man/woman. So it is important to spend time working on the fundamentals of being able to slide your feet and quickly change directions as a defender; keep the ball out of the paint and you have a good chance of winning. This defensive drill is going to allow your players to work on their defensive slides in a competitive environment. It is a great drill to get players out of their comfort zone and working to get better ag

Reverse - Reverse Pivot Team Warm Up Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

Reverse Pivot Team Warm Up Shooting Drill This team warm up shooting drill is going to work on footwork, staying balanced, and getting up a lot of high quality shots in a short period of time. Sometimes during the course of the season it becomes difficult to budget off a lot of time for player development because there are so many other areas that need to be worked on. With a warm up shooting drill like this though, you are able to maximize time with the amount of players that are able to shoot at each basket and also because you are using it to get warmed up before practice. Players need to see the ball go in the basket to have conf

Touch - Touch Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

Touch Shooting Drill There are a lot of things that go into winning basketball games, but a big part of it is being able to make shots. As a coach you can draw up as many great plays as you want, but it ultimately comes down to players being able to take and make shots. So it makes sense to spend time working on developing your teams shooting on a regular basis. This is a great form shooting drill that you can do at the beginning of practice that will help your players work on technique, form, and seeing the ball go in the basket. It doesn't take very long either and can be done without having to be monitored by

3 - 3 Bounce Between the Legs Dribbling Drill (basketballhq)

3 Bounce Between the Legs Dribbling Drill When you make a dribble move past your defender you want to get low, attack north/south, and push the basketball out past the defender after you make your move. These are all fundamentals of making a great dribble move.  The 3 bounce between the legs dribbling drill is going to work on all of the fundamentals, and really help the player learn to be efficient with their movements. This is not one of the more advanced basketball dribbling drills, but it is something that every player needs to work on until they master it. Every time that you do this drill you should be trying to be even more ex

Dribble - Off the Dribble Team Warm Up Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

Off the Dribble Team Warm Up Shooting Drill Sometimes as a coach it becomes hard to budget in time for a lot of skill development in practice. There are so many different areas that you need to spend time working on and fine tuning and skill development falls to the wayside. However, it is extremely important that you are still finding the time, because it doesn't matter how good a play is executed if your players don't have the skill to put the ball in the basket at the end of it. This team shooting drill is great because it allows for multiple players to be at the same basket and will allow them to get a lot of high quality shots in

Bulldog - Bulldog Rebounding Drill (basketballhq)

Bulldog Rebounding Drill This is a great basketball drill to work on rebounding, but also just learning to compete and fight for rebounds and finishing in the paint. Working on technique is a must when it comes to developing players, but it is also important that you spend a good amount of time simply working on competing. The bulldog rebounding drill will create an environment that promotes competition. It will teach your players to fight and battle even if they are outmatched or out maned.     Drill Name: Bulldog Rebounding Drill Similar Drills: Anticipation Rebounding Drill, Four Square Rebounding Drill,