Published Skills

1 - 1 on 1 Chairs Wing Closeout Drill (basketballhq)

1 on 1 Chairs Wing Closeout Drill The 1 on 1 chairs wing closeout basketball drill is a great offensive and defensive basketball drill for your basketball team. The drill allows you to put together all of your offensive scoring moves, and practice them against a defender. So whatever moves you have been practicing in your offensive drills without a defender, you can now practice them against a live defender. On the defensive side it allows you to practice your closeouts, and one on one defense against a live opponent. Teach your players the right fundamentals and how to compete with this basketball competition drill. Make sur

Ball - Ball Screen Split (basketballhq)

Ball Screen Split For this ball screen split drill you are going to be working on splitting the defenders guarding the ball screen. You will use this move when the big man over shows, or the guard and big man don't come all the way together. This usually will happen on a hard hedge or a trap situation, and it is because the big man is impatient and gets out too early, or the guard defender gets hung up on the ball screen. The split is a very effective move if used the right way, and is one of the basketball fundamentals for using a ball screen. One of the big keys is staying low and being explosive when you ma

Double - Any Move Double Pin Down Diamond Drill (basketballhq)

Any Move Double Pin Down Diamond Drill When dribbling through traffic in a basketball game you are not going to have time to plan out what move you are going to use to get through it. You simply need to be able to see what is going on in front of you, and then quickly react with the right move. It may be a crossover, a reverse between the legs move, etc. That is why you need to be ready to make the right move at the right time with having to hesitate. This basketball drill is designed to be able to help you work on dribbling through traffic with any move. After you have finished off of the dribble though you are going to be requir

Form - Form Progression Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

Form Progression Shooting Drill The purpose of the form progression basketball shooting drill is to help develop the proper fundamentals when shooting the ball, and build up to game shots. Whether you are a player that is just learning to shoot, or you are already a good shooter, this is a great drill to do. It will help to build up your fundamentals or refresh them if you have already been playing for a long time. It is also something that you can do without putting a lot of strain on your body, so it is a great basketball drill to do in season or along with your workouts. One of the biggest things to focus on is learning

Rick - Rick Pitino Basketball Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

Rick Pitino Basketball Shooting Drill This drill is called the Rick Pitino basketball shooting drill, because it is one of the basketball shooting drills that they do at Louisville University during their basketball training to help develop their players. Everything done during this basketball drill is going to be at a high pace, and is going to be done at game speed. The drill is going to be at full speed, but it is important that the shooter executes each cut the correct way, and really focuses on their footwork. Another reason why this drill is done at high speed, is because it is going to be used as a conditioning drill as we

Double - Double Between the Legs Crossover Dribbling Drill (basketballhq)

Double Between the Legs Crossover Dribbling Drill This is a great dribbling drill that you can use to help warm up to get ready for a workout/practice, or to do on your own. The drill is going to really focus on combo moves and help to develop quick hands when it comes to dribbling a basketball. As a ball handler you want to be able to handle the basketball equally well with either hand, and this drill will force you to make the same moves with each hand.     Drill Name: Double Between the Legs Crossover Dribbling Drill Similar Drills: Double Between the Legs Behind the Back Dribbling Drill, Double Between the Legs Rhythm Dribbling

Team - Second Move Team Finishing Drill (basketballhq)

Second Move Team Finishing Drill It is important that you spend time working on finishing with your team on a regular basis. If you draw up a play or a player makes a great move and they are not able to finish it makes the great play or move worthless. So it is important that you are designating a certain amount of time to work on finishing in your practices and training. This team finishing drill is going to work on accounting for the help defense and making a second move before finishing at the basket. It is important that players are able to attack aggressively, but also be under control and make sure that they are able t

Florida - Florida Gators Middle Pick and Roll Finishing Drill (basketballhq)

Florida Gators Middle Pick and Roll Finishing Drill This Florida Gators drill is going to work on four different moves that you can use out of the middle pick and roll action. Being able to execute all of these different moves will allow the post player to read the defense and choose the correct move on the catch; rather than just blindly using the same move every time. This is a really great basketball post drill that you can use in small group training or with your team when post and guards split up to work on different position specific skills. If you use a lot of ball screens in your offense or a looking to develop a post player, this is a