Published Skills

Hold - Hold Off the Defense Finish (basketballhq)

Hold Off the Defense Finish This move is going to be used in a situation where you are coming off a ball screen and your defender is on your back trailing the play and the post help defender is in the paint. The reason you would want to hold off the defender is to create space and have better timing for the rolling offensive post player who just set the screen. The video in this breakdown is going to work on finishing with a floater, but this is also a great move to force the help post defender to step up so that you can either dump the ball of the to rolling post player or lob it up to the basket. Checkout our basketba

Walking - Walking Behind the Back Crossover Dribbling Drill (basketballhq)

Walking Behind the Back Crossover Dribbling Drill If you ever really study the best ball handlers in the game you will see that they are not only able to control the ball and put it where they want it to go, they are also really good at changing up speeds and selling their moves. The more you can; freeze a defender, sell a move, and then read them, the more you will be able to do whatever you want and go wherever you want with the dribble. This ball handling drill is going to work on the behind the back crossover move, but it is really going to emphasize all of those keys as well.     Drill Name: Walking Behind the Back Crossover D

Tony - Tony Parker In and Out Crossover Pull Up (basketballhq)

Tony Parker In and Out Crossover Pull Up The reason this is called the Tony Parker move is because he is one of the players that has given this move notoriety, but it is used by a lot of different players. This move is really good for smaller players that need to create some space to be able to get their shot off. The goal of this move is to sell that you are attacking with the in and out move, but then as soon as the defense shifts their weight to cut that move off, you snap the crossover back using the cross to also create more space from the defender so you can get right into your shot. The more you can sell your move and then us

Walking - Walking Between the Legs Crossover Dribbling Drill (basketballhq)

Walking Between the Legs Crossover Dribbling Drill If you look at any of the great ball handlers out there you will quickly realize that they are great at changing up their speeds and really selling their moves. Most of them are also very quick, but they are playing against other quick guards, so it is the way that they use their quickness that makes the difference. This ball handling drill is going to work on the between the legs crossover combo move, but it is going to more importantly work on setting up your defender with the pause, selling the move, and then making an explosive attack move. Regardless of the move that you use, you should

Hesitation - Hesitation Pull Up Shot (basketballhq)

Hesitation Pull Up Shot This type of move is more of an end of clock situation move, or when you are able to get a mismatch with a slower player guarding you. It is a more difficult shot, but if mastered it can be a really good move. Russell Westbrook is probably one of the best examples of a player that has really mastered this move. The quicker and more explosive you are, the more the defense has to respect the blow by. So if you can really be a double threat to either blow by the defender or pull up, you will have the player guarding you at your mercy. Add this move to your basketball training and start developin

Ball - Ball Protection Finish Drill (basketballhq)

Ball Protection Finish Drill Being able make an explosive move to the basket is just one part of the equation. You must also be able to protect the ball against an on ball defender and any help defenders that may try to get their active hands in the play. It is important that you are spending time working on ball protection when working on finishing. This drill that we offer in our basketball training groups is going to work on protecting the ball against an over aggressive defender, and a help defender that doesn't quite get all the way in the help to take a charge but is looking to strip the ball as you drive to the ba

Alternating - Alternating Windmill 2 Basketball Dribbling Drill (basketballhq)

Alternating Windmill 2 Basketball Dribbling Drill This is a stationary 2 ball basketball dribbling drill that works on ball control and developing good hands. As a ball handler you want to be able to control the ball and make whatever move you need to without having to think about it. If a defender steps up in front of you or reaches to steal the ball you need to quickly be able to make the appropriate move, without hesitation. Even though this isn't a move that you would use in an actual game it is great for developing good hands and ball control. Ball handling drills like this are still really valuable to use because they develop the playe