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Defender - Defender Goes Under Ball Screen Series Drill (basketballhq)

Defender Goes Under Ball Screen Series Drill During the course of a game a player is sometimes going to have to make multiple reads in a quick period of time. They may have to execute a play, make a read on a ball screen, sprint back on defense, communicate, etc. So it is important that players are being trained to be able to handle this type of quick thinking, and being able to do multiple things at the same time while they are in the middle of the game. This ball screen series drill is going to work on different specific skills, but it is also going to require the player to stay mentally engaged while they are doing the basketball dri

Cool - How to Cool Down After a Tough Training Session (thesoccerstore)

How to Cool Down After a Tough Training Session Every footballer knows the benefits of a thorough warm-up before a training session – and the consequences of not performing one. However, cool-down sessions are not so widely adopted at grassroots level, yet they can deliver a range of long-lasting benefits if performed properly. Instead of trundling off to your car or the changing room [...]The post How to Cool Down After a Tough Training Session appeared first on The Soccer Store Blog.

Basicconditioningpassingwarmup - Pipeline Passing (volleyballcoachingdrills)

Pipeline Passing The purpose of this volleyball drill is to improve volleyball player lateral movement while forearm passing.This volleyball drill needs two players. Place two dotted lines of the court about 10 feet apart. All passing occurs between these lines. After one player passes the ball to her partner, she must shuffle sideways to her right and touch the sideline. Next, she must shuffle back before the pass arrives back from her partner. After 10 passes each, shuffle to the left sideline for 10 more.BenefitsPlayers learn how to get into proper passing position when tired. This volleyball passing drill

Windshield - Windshield Wipers 2 Basketball Dribbling Drill (basketballhq)

Windshield Wipers 2 Basketball Dribbling Drill The windshield wipers 2 basketballs dribbling drill is a great ball handling drill for improving your ball control and touch. Some basketball dribbling drills are meant to work on a specific move, but this drill is all about developing your hands and working on ball control. It is a great drill to use for less experienced dribblers, or to get warmed up if you are a more experienced ball handler. One of the great things about this drill, is that it can be done pretty much anywhere that you have a flat hard surface. This means that you are able to work on your game, even if you don’t have