Published Skills

Court - Full Court Chaser Finishing Drill (basketballhq)

Full Court Chaser Finishing Drill Transition baskets can do so many great things for a team as far as generating momentum and getting easy points. It is important though that you spend time working on finishing in transition as a team, especially if your team is younger. Transition finishes are too valuable to not capitalize on. This finishing basketball drill is going to be a one on one full court drill that gives the offensive player a slight advantage to start the drill. It will really help to learn to finish at full speed with defense trying to back tip/strip the ball, cut them off, or block the finish. Along with this be

1 - 1 on 2 Competition Finishing Drill (basketballhq)

1 on 2 Competition Finishing Drill Getting offensive rebounds adds a lot of value to the offense because it creates extra scoring opportunities. It is important though that you also work on what to do once a player gets an offensive board. Too many times players get an offensive rebound to only force up a really tough finish that ends up not really even having a chance to go in. There is always the option of kicking the ball out to a shooter on an offensive rebound, but sometimes the best option is to power up through traffic and finish. This basketball drill is going to help work on the proper technique of finishing in traffi

Hand - Off Hand Development Drill (basketballhq)

Off Hand Development Drill This is a great basketball drill because it is compatible with a player doing a one person workout or an entire team. The drill is going to allow for players to work on ball handling with their off hand and also finishing at the rim. Forcing use of the off hand will keep players from always transferring the ball over to their strong hand when they get in trouble. It will help the player start to become comfortable and confident using their off hand. Regardless of position this is a great drill to do because even a most player can benefit from being able to take a few outlet dribbles up the co

Pivot - Pivot Finish Post Drill (basketballhq)

Pivot Finish Post Drill If you look at any of the great post players in the game you will quickly realize that they have a great command of the pivot foot. They are able to get the positioning that they want, and then they are able to read and exploit the defender with different pivot moves. This training video is going to breakdown the technique of using your pivot in the post and then also allow for the player to get a lot of repetitions working on pivoting in the post. Although this drill is primarily for post players, it is still something that can be applied to guards. A great example of a guard that mastered t

Pull - Side Pull Foot Ups Tennis Ball Drill (basketballhq)

Side Pull Foot Ups Tennis Ball Drill As a post player you really can't ever get enough footwork and hand eye coordination training. So much of finishing in the post comes down to having great footwork and soft hands around the basket. Foot up drills are great for any position, but primarily they are for developing post players. This footwork and agility drill is going to be very reminiscent to something a soccer player would do with using your feet to move the basketball from side to side. Adding in the added difficulty of catching and tossing a tennis ball at the same time will really help the player develop their hands as well

Step - Side Step Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

Side Step Shooting Drill Sometimes when doing shooting drills if you aren't careful as a shooter you can checkout mentally. The shooting begins to get repetitive and your shot becomes sloppy and you end up actually practicing bad habits which in the long run actually hurt your shot more than help it. So a great way to stay mentally focused and locked into volume shooting is to have fresh types of shooting drills or challenges that the shooter must do as they shoot. This is not one of the more complex shooting drills that we offer, but it is going to provide another variation that you can use when shooting to keep the

Georgetown - Georgetown Multiple Effort Drill #2 (basketballhq)

Georgetown Multiple Effort Drill #2 This is a very game like basketball drill because it is going to simulate going from offense right into defense. It will work on conditioning players to always be thinking about the next play and moving from one area to another without any delay. If you are a team that really likes to push the pace and get up to pressure the ball full court after a score, this is a great basketball drill to add to your workouts and practices. This drill will allow your players to get reps, train them to have the mindset of getting back after a score, and also work on the physical conditioning of completing mu

Pick - Pick a Spot 3 in a Row Shooting Drill (basketballhq)

Pick a Spot 3 in a Row Shooting Drill This shooting drill is not going to be demanding on the player physically, but it will really help to get quality repetitions and work on shooting under pressure mentally. High level shooters put up hundreds of shots/makes a day and sometimes that can honestly get boring. When this happens the shooter has the tendency to checkout mentally and the shooting technique can get sloppy. Shooting drills like this one are great to help keep the shooter competing and locked in mentally.     Drill Name: Pick a Spot 3 in a Row Shooting Drill Similar Drills: Double or Nothing Shooting Drill, 2