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Post, Up and Under Post Drill (basketballhq)

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Source - Great post players have 2 or 3 moves that they have mastered and then counters for those moves if the defender tries to take it away. You don't have to have a bunch of moves and flash to be great in the post. This post drill is going to work on driving the post player back for a hook shot, but then instead of going up with a straight hook shot, the player is going to sell the hook to get the defender off of their feet, and then use an up and under finish. It is a really great move to use against defenders that like to try and block shots.     Drill Name: Up and Under Post Drill Similar Drills: Off the Block Post Drill, Florida Gators Jump Hook Post Series, High Low Post Drill Drill Goal: Work on finishing in the post with the up and under move. Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and two partners. Tips: Take your time on the catch, be under control and balanced. The details are what sells the up and under move, so make sure that you use your eyes, the ball, and your body. Make sure that you are staying in a wide [...]
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