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Block, Off the Block Post Drill (basketballhq)

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Source - Learning to play in the post has a lot to do with positioning and angles. It helps to be bigger and stronger than the defender, but a player that knows how to use their body and can create angles for the finish is still able to score against a bigger defender. This training video is going to breakdown what a post player should do if they get pushed off of the block and needs to use a couple of dribbles to score.     Drill Name: Off the Block Post Drill Similar Drills: How to do a Duck In Post Move, Post Feed Relocate Drill, High Low Post Drill Drill Goal: Work on making a scoring move even when you get pushed off of the block posting up. Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and 2 partners (pad optional). Tips: Check your inside shoulder to read the defense before attacking. Stay under control and use a strong base when attacking. On the hook shot, make sure that you don't over rotate and open up your chest to the defender. This will allow them access to the ball and a chance to block it. Directions: The post player is going to be on the block with a dummy defender slightly on [...]
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