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Change, Change Direction Transition Dribbling Drill (basketballhq)

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Source - Being able to handle the basketball on the run is a completely different feeling from stationary ball handling. You have to be able to make quick moves while still being able to control your body and the basketball, and also accounting for defenders. This dribbling drill is going to work on handling the basketball at a high speed and changing directions on a dime. The goal of this drill is to prepare the ball handler for a transition situation where they are looking to get the ball up the floor quickly with the dribble.     Drill Name: Change Direction Transition Dribbling Drill Similar Drills: Bust Out & Retreat Basketball Dribbling Drill, Push Crossover Dribble Drill, 2 Dribble Crossover Change of Direction Drill Drill Goal: Work on handling the basketball and making change of direction moves at a high speed. Equipment Needed: 1 basketball. Tips: Stay low in an athletic stance and don't raise up when you make the move. Do your best to stay under control, but get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to go fast. It is okay to mess up and lose the ball, that is how you are going to get used to making the move at a high speed. [...]
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