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1, 1 on 1 Help Side Wing Closeout Drill (basketballhq)

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Source - Being able to closeout and contain your man is an important part of the game of basketball, but most players do not do this very well. The player should be able to close out and be there right as the ball is getting there, right on the catch. This 1 on 1 basketball closeout drill is designed to simulate going from being in the help side, to closing out, and guarding your man in a 1 on 1 scenario. To make the drill more game realistic you are going to limit the offensive players dribbles to only 2 or 3. This will also teach the offensive player to be more efficient with their scoring moves. It is important that you spend time working on live defensive basketball drills like this to help develop great defensive tendencies, and the correct technique.     Drill Name: 1 on 1 Help Side Wing Closeout Drill Similar Drills: 1 on 1 Help Side Recovery Drill, 1 on 1 Plug & Closeout Drill, 1 on 1 Spot Triple Threat Drill Drill Goal: Work on closeouts, containing the dribble, and offensive scoring moves. Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball, a coach, and at least 2-3 players Tips: Don't over close [...]
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